Real Estate

Maventrix’s consultants provide end to end consultation on cloud based CRM solution for real estate, built on which helps in simplifying the processes of real estate developers which includes Sales activity tracking, Inventory information, Inventory status, Project information, Customer information in a single page, Brokerage calculation, Payment status, Payment reminder, Payment receipt, Reports & dash boards, Mass E-mail
Real estate and construction industry these days offer better opportunities for growth because of exposure to global practices but this favorable development offers new challenges also. For commercial real estate brokers, it’s more important than ever to be on top of every client relationship, every lead, every listing, every property, every opportunity, and every closing. Many factors contribute to the success in real estate industry; and each factor needs to be addressed best by good cloud based client relationship solution is key to your success–but the last thing you need in today’s market is a big up-front software investment that’s expensive, tough to install, hard to maintain and then hits you for a big annual lump-sum fee for support and re-license every year. We at Maventrix offer range of customized enterprise cloud based IT solutions to support your success plans.

Our real estate cloud based solutions provide options for complete integration of vivid systems across the departments which in return improve intra-organizational communication. Our cloud experts invent, develop and integrate cloud based solutions to help you to manage –

  • Multiple Projects
  • Launch
  • Pre-Launch
  • Customer Support
  • Reminders
  • Payment Schedules
  • After Sales Support
  • Real Time Reports

We at Maventrix help you to move from legacy system to a cloud based solution & say goodbye to complexity and high costs. With no software or hardware to install, you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get going.  Our cloud experts will help you to migrate your data and train you to use the software. With Maventrix, you’re up and running—and seeing a positive impact on your business & commissions—in a fraction of the time. With our cloud-computing model, you can focus on your clients, closings, and commissions—-not your software, server, and system. Maventrix will help you get up and running easily and quickly on the best commercial real estate application built on the world’s most-proven and most-loved CRM solution.

How Salesforce is a good choice for Real Estate Industry.

  • Simple and easy to use solution.
  • Powerful and simple to use.
  • 360 degree Customer information in single page.
  • Fully customizable solution based on your need
  • Low Recurring Cost.
  • Minimum Support required.
  • Permission Based Access.
  • 125000+ companies are using Salesforce CRM.
  • 5000 Real Estate organizations are using Salesforce CRM.

No two businesses operate the same, especially in real estate. We have industry expertise and help our clients to build out software that is tailored to their business. All of our development can be done in house or through our trusted partners assuring you success with implementation and adoption. We have devised our unique approach to leverage the benefits of our technological excellence and experience; hence, our intelligent solutions help the Real Estate Agents and Property Consultants to manage their any size and any type business even without being techno savvy.