Manufacturing operations today must generate efficiency in every aspect of their business to stay competitive. This often includes managing a large, complex ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, distributors and partners. Cloud apps for manufacturing streamline processes and engage users to help lower costs, and improve productivity of employees, suppliers and distributors. Agile development methods also lead to quicker implementation and enable organizations to quickly scale. Industry technology experts at Maventrix have analyzed the modern age requirements to live up to the dreams in competitive manufacturing environment.
Right Salesforce manufacturing solution can help you meet today’s business challenges and stays competitive by streamlining the supply chain, minimizing oversupply, and maximizing profits. Salesforce delivers enhanced visibility into real-time operations by integrating front- and back-end systems—such as ERPs, inventory management, CRMs, and even social media management—on a single platform.
Maventrix consultants have worked with top manufacturers to implement cloud solutions that incorporate our approach to “People, Process, Technology” as key drivers of cloud success. Cloud apps for manufacturing typically require more substantial business process improvement and a flawless implementation strategy that includes deep integration and user training. Our goal is to ensure implementation goes smoothly from the get-go to avoid costly rework and poor user adoption, which can significantly impact ROI.
Cloud computing technology is emerging as major enablers for the manufacturing industry that can transform the traditional business model, help it with product innovation with business strategy and create effective factory networks with collaboration. Adoption of cloud computing technology in supply chains of manufacturing industry will also improve performance in the form of better information visibility, cost reduction, and improved agility. We, at Maventrix, combine years of domain specific experience with best IT solutions that embrace important data, analytics, social networks, fast computing, mobile, cloud, augmented reality, shop floor automation, new materials, energy management and smart manufacturing etc. Our manufacturing IT solutions are tested to deliver at SCM, SLM, design, PLM, MES, product engineering, infrastructure, application, sales, service and management like key areas.
Adopting cloud is a cost saving option and also gives rapid scalability. When the manufacturing industry takes to the cloud, it can bring in a lot of changes like the ones mentioned here:
  • Use analytics and business intelligence to capture and apply company-wide intelligence and knowledge
  • Shift quickly to the launch of supplier portals and collaboration platforms, complete with quality management dashboards and workflows
  • Cloud integration expertise is critical for manufacturers when it comes to design in services
  • Accelerate new product development and introduction (NPDI) strategies
  • Manage indirect and direct channel sales from a single cloud platform tracking sales results
  • Use cloud-based marketing automation applications to plan, execute and most important, track results of every campaign
  • Automate customer service, support and common order status inquiries online
  • Integrate systems to distributed order management, pricing, and content management platforms
  • Increase reliance on two-tier ERP strategies and gain greater efficiencies in material planning, supplier management and reduce logistics costs
  • Unify all manufacturing locations globally through its reliance on cloud-based Human Resource Management (HRM) systems