Google Cloud Development
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In addition to the migration of your tools, we develop specific solutions to your business as well as scripts or applications integrated with Google Apps. The unique identification also allows access to multiple accounts with a single login.

Specific Google Apps Development

In addition to offering your employees a SaaS following keys flexible and efficient hands, Google Apps allows, through its diverse APIs, development of integrated Web applications and the creation of additional features such as web and mobile applications or Chrome extensions.

The strength and flexibility of Google Apps even allow us to integrate your existing tools to set up workflow scripts and an administration tool box.

Each application is conducted by a team of experienced developers working on Google technologies since 2006, and is accompanied by an accommodation on Google's infrastructure, deemed the most reliable in the world.

Single sign-on with Google Apps

Single sign-on or SSO enables everyone in your company to use its Google Apps username to connect to multiple services without having to re-enter your login or password to access mails, documents, your business applications or different intranets made with Google Sites.
The Google authentication module can be integrated into any application that automatically recognize your users safe and it will prevent them from having to manage multiple passwords and having to identify themselves constantly.