Google Apps Training
Training your staff to Google Apps

Google Apps training courses are designed to give all the keys in hand for optimum use of the services of Google Apps every day at the user level and / or administrator.

Apps for the following courses:
  • Google Apps Basic User Training
  • Training Google Sites, Social Networking & Collaboration
  • Google Apps Administrator Training
Google Apps Basic User Training

This training aims to convey to your users control all the features of Google Apps and best practices for using:
  • E-mail (Gmail) and contact management
  • Instant messaging
  • Video conferencing (Gtalk)
  • Sharing documents (Google Docs)
  • Sharing calendars (Google Calendar)
  • Sharing streaming videos (Google Video)
  • An introduction to the realization of websites with Google Sites

Training Google Sites, Social Networking and Collaboration

This training aims to convey to your users: mastering Google Sites and collaboration tools offered by Google and its partners. After this training, your users can set up and contribute to:
  • Sites Intranet / Extranet
  • Update their user profiles
  • Manage discussions son
  • Share information effectively in the business.

Google Apps Administrator Training

Through this training, your domain administrator will master the Google Apps administration console and will manage: 
  • The accounts and user profiles
  • Rights and permissions
  • Security settings
  • Sharing resources
  • Routings email
  • The attribution rules emails
  • The spam filtering and anti-virus
  • Domains and alias names.