Google Apps Migration
To Google Apps data migration

The migration of user data is the final step prior to production. Maventrix provides its customers a rapid and comprehensive migration of emails, folders, calendars, contacts, documents, directories, resources.

Our teams have the experience of over 50 successful data migration with a proven methodology to accelerate the deployment of Google Apps.

Additionally, each migration is the subject of a plan for training and customized change management. Our hotline (telephone, email and video via Hangout) can accompany each user and respond quickly to requests during the handling of Google Apps.

Rapid migration techniques

Once all the settings configured and verified, we set up a migration process in two stages. Migration is first tested in a pilot phase, in which verifies the integrity of returned data.
Once validated step and before the passage of your users to Google Apps, we perform a second driver on a representative sample of your user population to gather their feedback and possibly crop the migration and support strategy.

We migrate all their email archives, calendars and contacts on their respective accounts.