Google Apps Deployment
Our certified effective methods for your Google Apps Migration

Our key deployment solutions in hand, including technical configuration, migration and change management are conducted by a dedicated project manager to assist you by applying a proven and effective methodology. 

The accompanying Maventrix based on four key themes:
  • Board in the selection of the most appropriate technical solutions,
  • Establishment of a training strategy and change management,
  • Rigorous project management by a dedicated consultant and expert.
  • Integration key in hand and transparent to users
The choice of the deployment strategy

Maventrix scrutinizes your current environment during a preliminary audit phase. A suitable and accurate deployment strategy is then designed.

This audit step performed, Maventrix provides a schedule of charges together an action plan including planning, deliverables and resource allocation table. Upon validation, the project was immediately supported by the project manager of Maventrix.
Deployment carried out by a team of "Google Apps Deployment Specialist"
Audit and expense plan is validated, the deployment will be prepared and provided by a team of dedicated project manager and several technical consultants dedicated to the configuration of your solution. Whether it's a large organization or a small organization, our method achieves an effective deployment with a quick start.

Training and leads change

The transition to new collaborative tools requires a period of learning and training. In addition to the establishment of a communication plan for new users, we identify with you the profiles that will test the project before the start of production and will be the "ambassadors" of the solution.

Google Guides

These ambassadors, which we call "Google Guides”, are referring users to accompany change by helping their employees in the use of new tools and methods.

Support and Helpdesk

Maventrix has an open media platform 8:00 to 8:00 p.m. and available by telephone, email, chat support and extranet (Google Hangout). Each request is handled in the half-time and is monitored ticket.

Our screen sharing system and remote grip can resolve the majority of user questions.