Google Apps Consulting
Your dedicated team of Google Apps Expert

Maventrix expert Google Apps, for each project mobilizes the most experienced professionals (all certified Google) and has the technical knowledge to meet your problems. Our expert consultants provide the best level of service, integration as deployment to support you effectively.

Founders & employees of Maventrix, they all share a great experience in the field of Internet technologies, cloud and core of our expertise in the Google Apps solutions.

From specialized courses in management science, networks or training, consultants and integrators Google Apps each have a diverse professional experience (at Total Training, Project Manager at Citroen, application developers, infrastructure or conduct specialists changes ...) to better understand the specificity of your trades.

Over 10 years of expertise Google

Consultant, project manager or educational consultant, each member of the team has several Maventrix Google Apps qualification levels even Google is certified trainer, which meets the high standards and competence to carry out your transition to Google Apps.
In addition to a deep understanding of Google Apps, the Maventrix team of agile methods guarantees a dynamic and flexible project management.