Cloud Applications
In addition to its standard features, Salesforce. allows users to easily configure and customize the application. Yet major companies are often more demanding. To make sure that your investment in Customer Relationship Management pays off, you can expand the Salesforce application by adding additional features or even by developing a completely new application that is tailor-made for your company.

Maventrix's software specialists have years of experience, far-reaching expertise and a wealth of know-how in developing for APEX, Visualforce, JavaScript and Adobe AIR to deliver customers sophisticated Salesforce solutions backed up by a clearly defined and proven methodology. Give us a call and find out more!. 

A Team Born in the Cloud...

Team with experience in enterprise custom cloud engagements across sales, marketing, service, HR, finance, collaboration, and operations, Maventrix's internal experts bring a real-world understanding of how to help you power every part of your business with cloud and mobile solutions.

...and Powered by a Community

Our development methodologies matches companies with on-demand access to a worldwide community of over 750,000 technical experts.! 
This platform incorporates a community competition and peer-review model that reduces development costs and drives innovation by ensuring the best solutions rise to the top. 

With proven proficiency using today’s leading public cloud platforms and languages, including Amazon Web Services, Cloud Foundry,, Heroku, HTML5, Swift, Ruby and Java, Maventrix’s development methodologies & platform's depth of expertise and commitment to excellence is unrivaled.